670599000639 Hotcore R-100 Sleeping Bag

Hotcore R-100 Sleeping Bag

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Hotcore R-100 Sleeping Bag

Item#: 670599000639

Brand: Hotcore


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The R-100 is a terrific sleeping bag for warm weather camping and travel. The rectangular shape provides lots of space for a comfortable sleep.

Pillow pocket provides a clean and secure place for a pillow, or stuff it with soft article of clothing

Suresoft brushed polyester lining is warm and comfortable

Drawcord at shoulder - use it to trap heat in and keep the cold out

Different shape and colour cordlocks usedfor ease of use at night

2-way nylon coil zipper allows for venting atfoot; reversibleslider with hi visibility fabric

Anti-snag zipper tape, and insulated drafttube behind zipper

4 fabric loops allowforattached cordto hold sleeping pad in place

Compression carry bag with 2 YKK quick release buckles

Hotcore sleeping bags of thesame dimensions can be opened and zipped togetheraround the outside edge